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We are an awesome wedding duo based in the New England area of Boston, Massachusetts! We specialize in natural, romantic, and authentic wedding photography and we just want to be flies on the wall of your big day! Your big day is not about the photos, about posing or even about the perfect shot... that's not what you need! What you need are friends, like us, that are willing to feel all those wedding day feels with you. 

Whether you're snorting from laughter or shedding tears, we promise to be right there with you. We simply pour our whole hearts into creating meaningful photographs out of all the genuine moments that happen on the best day of your life. If you think we'd be a good fit for your big day, give us a call because we would SO love to work with you in bringing your wedding vision to life.

Behind The Lens

Romantic at heart Artists

My name is Jo and I am a wedding, elopement... and pretty much all things love- photographer based in the incredible city of Boston, Massachusetts! A little about me is that I am obssessed with Dunkin' Donuts, chasing that golden hour sunset, and working with couples that don't take themselves too seriously! And most importantly, I am a HUGE romantic (aka big ol' sap) when it comes to love stories.  

Weddings are so crazy amazing because you are doing one of the bravest things you could ever do in this life, which is committing to loving someone relentlessly and with all your heart for the rest of your life. WOW. 

And the fact that I get to be there, a part of it all, collecting the memories that you're going to be looking back on for generations to come... is just mind-blowing. I can honestly say that it is such a blessing to be able to share so many beautiful moments with each couple I get a chance to work with.  

So what's your story? Let's connect, and do this thang! I want to make some memories, and photo magic with you!

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Behind The Lens

Romantic at heart Artists

Another amazing human being you guys should also meet, is my talented associate shooter Janah!​ 

Most of the time wherever you see me... Janah is right beside me! She has been doing weddings for quite a few years now and shoots everything from weddings and couples, to family portraits! Oh and pro tip for you guys: she is the resident child whisperer! If you ever want photos of your cute kiddos without pulling out all of your hair in the process... Janah is your girl! In her own life Janah is both an amazing wife and sweet mama to a beautiful son named Micah, who is actually the reason she got started in photography! Janah is an undercover foodie, lover of coffee and tea and one of the sweetest friends I know! 

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