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Can we just take a moment to acknowledge... how amazing Andy & Kayleigh's intimate Duxbury wedding was?!?!

When these two cool kids first reached out to me they gave me the basic details about the day. The who, what, and when, along with their vision of a fun and joyful day and a desire for photos that could reflect that!

What I was not told about was that this wedding was going to be one that made me absolutely smile from ear to ear behind my camera... literally from start to finish!

I smiled so wide when I first saw Kayleigh in her gorgeous  BHLDN wedding dress. It was both graceful and whimsical--  she looked like an absolute queen! 

And just when I was sure I couldn't be showing anymore teeth... I watched her walk down the aisle. The look that both her and Andy shared as he waited for her to make it to him, is literally the stuff of romantic novels! 

My heart was just so happy in that moment being able to witness them coming together and so evidently feel the love they share. And the rest of the day felt exactly like that moment.

I love it when couples forget about the cameras, forget about the posing, forget about formalities and simply enjoy a day with some of their most favorite people in the whole world.

I watched as these two had an absolute BLAST  on their wedding day, and I was so SO grateful that I got to be there having a blast too.

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