Ok guys, it's time to let you in on a little secret here.... I love my big weddings, and my couples & portrait sessions.... buttttt Boston elopements are one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE things  to shoot! You want to know why?

Because it's intimate, it's vulnerable, it's fun and unpredictable! We make a plan to meet up do the ceremony, and then the wind blows us wherever it pleases! So many people can feel that they won't be able to get the "full wedding experience" if they choose to elope... well here's the deal! That couldn't be FURTHER from the truth!

You actually spend more of the day with your special lover, YOU call the shots for what you want to do and where you want to go, and trust meeeee... picture-wise.... it's super magical.

So don't be afraid to make the plan that you want to make! Just make sure you get someone who's willing to be right there with you, making sure your elopement is still the wedding of your dreams and that your album will still make you melt years down the line.



-We offer two main packages including coverage for 3 and 6 hours
-The option to choose coverage by the hour
-Delivery of high resolution photos through a downloadable online gallery available for all packages & sessions
-Packages come with USB, Prints & Print Box

Please shoot me an email for more specific pricing on my elopements!

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