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Soooo.... I'm not going to lie... Max and Susan's beautiful Maine wedding was one of our absolute favorites of the summer!! For sooo many reasons!

1. These two are just absolute rockstars in front of the camera! Not only are they both so very easy on the eyes (see photos below for proof haha), but they are super comfortable with each other in front of the camera! Every shot was just so effortless to catch because it was literally just them enjoying each other, and that genuine affection is what made every shot so magical!

2. The whole day was just pure fun! No stress, chaos, rush.... or anything else that can sometimes creep into a wedding day. It was relaxed, laid-back, and overall just a joyful time for everyone involved! The day literally went by so fast, and the next thing I knew... it was time for us to wrap up! Time flies when you're having fun, and we were definitely enjoying ourselves!!

3. I am convinced that Maine is one of the prettiest states in New England you could possibly get married in! The Ceremony was held specifically in New Gloucester, Maine at an intimate property called the Noyce House at Pineland Farms. And the reception venue was only a few minutes away at the Merrill Farmhouse! The grass and greenery at both spots was SO lush and beautiful! There were literally rolling hills and fields everywhere!

It was definitely a day for the books, and Janah and I were so honored to be able to work with and Serve Max and Susan on their big day! We'd do it all over again in a heart beat!

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