Tony & Cassy


Tony and Cassy's are an amazing couple, that I found myself connecting and working with all the way back in 2018! And the minute after we finished our Rhode Island engagement session over at the Cliff Walk, I KNEW their wedding was one that I was definitely going to be looking forward to in 2019!

Fast forward to this year, and I was SLAYED by these two and how AMAZING they looked on their big day. I mean first of all... these two could honestly be models (no kidding!) and they have such awesome taste in clothing and colors! They know exactly what to do in front of the camera! They literally made every shot look whimsical, romantic, but somehow also effortless?!

And I was absolutely IN LOVE with Cassy's colorful bouquet! It was very vibrant, just like their personalities, and the colors just really popped in all of the photos! 

And ya'll...

The reception, was LIT.

I've never seen a Bride and Groom enter a room the way Cassy and Tony did! As soon as the doors opened for them, the music dropped and the party was on! They paraded into the room, preceded by an amazing drummer, and then immediately hit the dance floor, to which everyone joined them on began to get down as well!

Cassy and Tony have style FOR. REAL. And their wedding was just that, one with a lot of style and class!

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