"Love comes Naturally" is a saying we're all familiar with, but one that we absolutely adore. Because it really is so effortless to be around someone you love. Time goes by fast when you're with them, the jokes are flying as well as the laughs.

And this idea of effortless connection is how we base our approach in working with our beautiful couples. Taking pictures can honestly be sooo awkward sometimes (trust me, there's a reason we like to be on this side of the camera lol) and everything can feel so stiff when you're just hiring another vendor  to do a job. Which is why we try our best to be more than just another vendor, but friends! 

When you start your planning, we will be there to help you along the way and answer any questions! We will be the ones that hype you up because you look frickin' AMAZING at your engagement shoot! When you're stuck in the planning process and trying to find solutions to last minute wedding details, we will hunker down, roll up our sleeves and help you find solutions too. And be prepared for the laughs... because life's too short to take ourselves too seriously, and we are going to have a BLAST adventuring through the fields, forest, beach, mountain.... wherever it is your heart desires to do a shoot!

So if you're looking for some new friends to be your cheerleaders with cameras... WE. ARE. YOUR. GIRLS.

If you're just looking for someone to take a few pictures, give em' to you and leave you alone, that's cool too! But that just may not be us, and thats totes ok. We want to work with couples who see the value in these memories. The memories we'll capture on camera as well as the ones we make while bringing those ones to life. Janah and I are so passionate about what we do, and can only hope that we can meet more couples that are willing to share their passions with us as well.

Let's make some photo magic ya'll✨

Wedding Collections

-We offer three main packages with coverage up to 10 hours
-All Packages come with 2 photographers, for full coverage!
-Delivery of high resolution photos through a downloadable online gallery available for all packages & sessions
-Some packages include engagement sessions & prints

Pricing for my wedding collections starts at $2750

*For International or out of area destination weddings inquire for a custom quote*
(This includes any location out of the New England & New York area)

Think we could be a  good fit!? Let's get this ball rolling then!

Ok Jo, I'm In!





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